Darwin Meyers and Lisa Prentice are the creative team behind Angelus Novus. Angelus Novus is a retail venture as well as a visual archive and design resource.

Based in Vancouver, BC, we source our collection of fine antique and modern accessories internationally via travel and a carefully developed collector network. Our Angelus Novus fine jewellery collection is made by hand in Vancouver with recycled metals exclusively.

Angelus Novus is also a curatorial endeavour. Together we combine more than 30 years of professional experience in fine art and fashion and our choices are a reflection of our personal design aesthetic and viewpoint on design history. Angelus Novus chronicles a unique cross-section of the last century of jewelry design and applied arts.

In our work, we support movements towards ethical and sustainable consumption and away from the often exclusive projects of antique collecting. Instead we curate objects for their communication of aesthetics and connection to the history of craftsmanship. We believe in the importance of reclaiming and transforming objects from the past into art for the present moment.